Gunnerkrig Court

Gunnerkrigg Court

Gunnerkrigg Court

What a fantastic world this is.

If you don’t already know of Antimony Carver, Kat Donlan and their adventures, then you have hours of a well-sewn storyline, round characters and super cute illustrations ahead of you. How lucky!

The story begins when Antimony joins a new school: Gunnerkrig Court. Everything looks dark, quiet and lonely. She soon befriends a shadow and a robot that get her started in a journey of epic proportions through the maze that is her school and the magic wilderness of the forest. Kat and Reynardine will accompany her often, put her life in danger or save her depending on the situation.

The first pages might be a bit difficult to follow as the author’s artistic style was underdeveloped. However, it is more than worth it to stick around and unravel the reason why Annie is alone in her new school, the relationship of her parents with the Court, the mystery of the ghost at the bottom of the divide…

Get started right now by heading over to the Gunnerkrigg website or straight to page 1 of the comic!

When you’ve fallen in love with the characters, story and art you might like to browse Tom Siddell’s Tumblr, he has really cool stuff about Gunnerkrigg there! You may also want to check the wiki here.


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