Kung Fu Nuns



This is not a piece of media as such but it is just too awesome to pass!

I was done playing a few games of League of Legends the other day and I wondered about the female design in games. I wanted to find a picture of how a fit female looked, thinking of how I’d go about designing a female model for a videogame.

We are talking about characters who are supposed to live outdoors all time, to fight and fend for themselves. So… they have to be fit, right? So off I went to find a picture of a fit woman in little clothing. Why so? Well, the way in-game clothing works is basically applying textures to an otherwise naked figure. Like body paint. So finding an almost-naked, fit female and turning her into a 3D model would be the way to go. Right?

Neverwinter MMO character creation

Clothing is almost like body paint.

With that same logic, I tried to find close-to-naked images of… kung fu fighters! What was my (stupid) surprise when I realized I was annoyed at their lack of nudity. I couldn’t look at their body to figure out what a fit female fighter would look like!

And then it hit me. REAL fighters don’t give a shit about showing their bodies. They simply wear appropriate clothes!

And so I found these badass Kung Fu nuns from Nepal! Turns out they have only recently been allowed to train martial arts, around two years if I understood correctly. Pretty rad, if you ask me.

Here you can watch them train.
Here is a BBC article.

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