Journey sunset

Journey is a game made to take your breath away.

The internet is very secretive about the plot or storyline in order to protect prospective players from having their journey spoiled. I will abide by this trend and comment on the overall experience instead.

The character design is flawless, creating a person-like creature you will identify with easily. The landscape is not only beautifully designed in a way that reminds of 2d coloring techniques, but it will make your movement more difficult or easier depending on what you stand on. The music of this game really is a joy to experience as it will enhance your emotions towards the storyline.

Journey overwhelmed me at times. It really is designed to be eye candy and appealing. Also, the aura of mystery surrounding the character you control had me hooked from the very first moment.

It is not a long game and it features no violence in the traditional sense. There will be dangerous situations, though. But what journey is free of danger?

Go ahead and watch the spoiler-free trailerof Journey if you’re still undecided! You can download the game from the PlayStation Network.

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