Explanations, and a recommendation: Graceling series

Graceling series

Hi there and welcome to the blog!

So… what is this? This space aims to be a list of sorts. A live database for sexism-free media, from books to music to art. Without any explanations nor essays about why.  Just browse reviews of books, movies, music or even public figures without fear of being stung by Hollywood-esque stereotypes.

Why Grandma and why Commando? Read the “About Gran” page further up for answers!

And to finally get started on this business… The Graceling series.

Three books that take place in a middle-age-like fantasy world of kingdoms. You will find treason, murder and war, but you will also find characters who find how to shine after they thought they were powerless.

When you start reading, you will meet Katsa, a young Graceling stuck in an ugly situation she can’t get out of. She will guide you through a world plagued by terrible truths that need to be uncovered. Along the way you will get to know her and the people she befriends. You will also be presented with a different approach at romantic love, sex and attraction that will take your breath away. Worthy of note that you won’t find any explicit sex in any of the books, something I am thankful for after reading the Earth’s Children saga!

After you read the first book, the other two won’t need a review for you to want to dive right into them.

Definitely worth my time and, if you are a parent, they would be amazing books to suggest to your kids!

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